How is MACE funded?

MACE delivers most of its activity through funded projects. MACE’s key funders are currently the British Film Institute (awarding funds from the Lottery) and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Past key project funders have been the Heritage Lottery Fund, the UK Film Council Lottery, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England, and the regional […]

Why do we need a screen archive for the Midlands?

The moving image has had a huge impact on people’s lives over the last 100 years. Film was the great new art form and recording medium of the 20th century. Amateur film making has been a possibility since the 1920s and enabled thousands of people to record events that were important to them as well […]

What do MACE do?

Since the invention of film in 1895 life in the Midlands and its changing landscape has been recorded on film, video tape and digital media. These moving images have the capacity to show us how people in the Midlands used to live and MACE exists to try to ensure that as many of these important […]

How do I access the material held at MACE?

THIS WEBSITE MACE has catalogued over 51,000 titles on the website. 4200 of these titles have video and this number grows weekly. We also hold a number of, as yet, un-catalogued collections. Contact Us if you have a specific query or to find out more. ARRANGE A VIEWING APPOINTMENT If you have a research interest […]

What are MACE’s aims?

MACE is committed to ensuring that the moving image heritage of the Midlands is preserved for future generations to enjoy and study. MACE aims to collect, document, preserve moving image heritage of the East and West Midlands and provide public access to this material. MACE also provides an information service to help people who are […]

What is MACE?

The Media Archive for Central England (MACE) is the public sector screen archive for the East and West Midlands. We are a non-profit making company limited by guarantee and an independent registered charity. MACE is part of a network of public moving image archives that collectively preserve the UK’s moving image heritage. We are also […]

The ‘Midlands on Film’ DVD series

From 2011-12 MACE worked with the Lincoln School of Media at the University of Lincoln to produce a series of nine DVDs which profile the people, places, history and culture of some of the cities and counties of the Midlands. They are all shrink-wrapped and presented in tasteful digipaks with protective slipcases. Click the titles […]

Our Mission Statement

MACE is an accessible organisation connecting people with the preserved moving image heritage of the Midlands. MACE does this by: • selecting and acquiring, researching, cataloguing, curating and developing a collection of moving images and related materials which inform our understanding of the history and culture of the midlands. • working to ensure that this […]

About MACE

The Media Archive for Central England (MACE) is the screen archive for the Midlands in the UK. A registered charity, MACE exist to preserve the moving images of the East and West Midlands and provide affordable public access to this material through our website, public screenings, exhibitions, educational workshops and community projects. We are one […]


MACE has a long history of working on highly successful projects and we are currently working on two projects funded by the British Film Institute and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Thanks to funding from the British Film Institute and from the Heritage Lottery Fund two new projects are beginning at MACE. BFI Discovery Fund We […]