Our Mission Statement

MACE is an accessible organisation connecting people with the preserved moving image heritage of the Midlands.
MACE does this by:

• selecting and acquiring, researching, cataloguing, curating and developing a collection of moving images and related materials which inform our understanding of the history and culture of the midlands.

• working to ensure that this collection is accessible both permanently and widely through the application of our preservation and curatorial skills.

MACE is a not-for-profit organisation providing:

• public repository services
• professional advice on the care and preservation of this heritage (film, video and digital materials)
• support for community-based events
• support for collection-related research

MACE is proactive in ensuring that our services and our collections provide the maximum public benefit.

MACE recognises the importance of partnership in creating new opportunities and new contexts for public access, especially with the education, heritage and knowledge sectors.

MACE recognises the need to improve and extend continuously our professional archival skills.

MACE is part of a network of regional and national archives ensuring that we can bring our services and our collections to the UK as a whole.