What do MACE do?

Since the invention of film in 1895 life in the Midlands and its changing landscape has been recorded on film, video tape and digital media. These moving images have the capacity to show us how people in the Midlands used to live and MACE exists to try to ensure that as many of these important cultural artefacts survive and can be enjoyed now and in years to come.

MACE provides a place where moving image materials can be properly looked after. Our collections are constantly expanding as we receive donations and deposits from a range of different sources.

As well as providing a place where moving images can be cared for in the midlands we are keen to ensure that moving image collections, wherever they are held, receive the best care possible. We are therefore happy to work with private individuals or with institutions to maximise the life span of the moving images that are in their care.

We also provide advice on where to find specific films or collections, so if you would like our help in a search you’re conducting then please Contact Us.